(Orlando Fringe/Garden Theatre, 2006-2008)

Sport (Orlando Fringe, 2006) is a fast paced romp through the world of sports based on works originally created by the Barcelona based theatre company, El
Tricicle. In PB&J’s 2006 production, three not-so-athletic athletes fumble their way through every sport from basketball to bowling, while peddling goods from a
fictional sporting goods company known as “Slastic”.

Sport: Rematch (Orlando Fringe, 2007), a follow-up to Sport, is a high energy, sports centered spectacle. This time around, “Slastic” takes on other fictitious sporting goods companies, in a competition to be the top of their game!

Sport (Garden Theatre, 2008), brought audiences the best of both Sport shows of previous years including a live tennis match on stage, a three person boxing match, and dancing bowling pins!


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